Budgetary Reporting

Agency Invoice Reports

Budget officers at all factions of the Illinois state government are required to report the gross dollar amount of unpaid bills they have not yet reported to the Comptroller at the end of the fiscal year.


Once the Governor has signed budget bills passed by the Legislature into law, the Comptroller codifies the state’s spending plan so it can be enforced. This report outlines those bills and provides the codes state agencies will use to send the Comptroller payment vouchers.

Bonded Indebtedness and Long-Term Obligations Report

The Comptroller’s Office collects information throughout the year on Illinois’ outstanding bonds. This report is a product of those efforts.

Locally Held Funds Report

This report provides a summary of the money deposited into and withdrawn from public state accounts not managed by the Treasurer.

Monitored Bond Report

The Monitored Bond Report highlights the different bonds by fund in our state, and the monthly balances of each. The report also details money raised through the sale of the bonds, and how much of that is spent on a cash basis monthly.

Monthly Bond Report

The Monthly Bond Report details how much money has been raised and spent through the various types of bonds issued by the state. The report then highlights how that money has been appropriated and spent during previous and the current fiscal years.

Monthly Summary of General Funds Revenues & Expenditures

Research staff at the Comptroller’s Office document every transaction involving the seven funds that comprise the state’s General Funds to provide this monthly summary. These seven funds are the General Revenue, General Revenue – Common School Special Account, Education Assistance, Common School, Fund for the Advancement of Education, Commitment to Human Services, and Budget Stabilization funds.

Receivables Report

The Receivables Report provides a summary of information derived from state agencies regarding amounts of money owed to the State of Illinois in the calendar year.

Section 25 Deferred Liabilities

Section 25 of the State Finance Act allows expenses incurred during one fiscal year to be paid from the subsequent fiscal year’s budget in limited situations. The attached schedule presents a 10-year schedule of Section 25 deferrals.

Traditional Budgetary Financial Report

This report details transactions and financial statements prepared on a budgetary basis for all funds that make up the state budget.