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The Illinois Office of the Comptroller publishes a series of public financial reports each year to detail state activity. Through those reports, taxpayers can investigate everything from annual appropriations to state indebtedness. Specific reports include:

Report Description
Agency Invoice Reports Each state agency is required to report the aggregate dollar amount of any bills held at the State agency on the previous June 30 to the Office of the Comptroller by October 1st of each year.  The IOC is required to publish this information.
Appropriations Report Appropriations are established based on budget bills which are passed by the General Assembly, and signed into law by the Governor. This report is designed to increase transparency and provide accountability for state dollars.
Bonded Indebtedness and Long Term Obligations Report The Bonded Indebtedness and Long Term Obligations Report details the kinds of bonds that are issued by the state The report includes summaries of money generated during the fiscal year.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is the official annual report which details the financial position of the State, and the results of operations during each fiscal year. Electronic versions of the CAFR are available dating back to Fiscal Year 1981.
Comptroller's Quarterly Report Comptroller's Quarterly Report serves as the state's quarterly financial report, presenting a snapshot of state finances and insight into its future outlook.
Detailed Annual Report of Revenues and Expenditures The Detailed Annual Report of Revenues and Expenditures for Illinois summarizes the State's financial activity for the fiscal year using a cash-based method of accounting.
Detailed Report of Revenues and Expenditures (Budgetary Basis) The Detailed Report of Revenue and Expenditures – Budget to Actual – Budgetary Basis provides detail support for the budgetary schedules presented as required supplementary information in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
Executive Summary The Executive Summary combines information in the state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Traditional Budgetary Financial Report. The Executive Summary examines the economic and fiscal climate in which future budgets will be considered.
Fee Imposition Report The Fee Imposition Report details revenue collected by state agencies through fees. Specific information includes the fee rate, revenues generated and where the revenues from the fees are deposited.
Fiscal Focus Report Fiscal Focus is a periodic publication that provides in-depth analysis and insights into state fiscal issues.
Fiscal Responsibility Report Card The Fiscal Responsibility Report Card is published by the Comptroller's Local Government Division. The report highlights financial data, such as revenue sources, expenditures, and fund balances of the state's local governments.
Locally Held Funds Report The Locally Held Funds Report uses the cash basis method of accounting, recognizing revenues only when cash is deposited, and expenditures only when liabilities are paid.
Monitored Bond Report The Monitored Bond Report highlights the different bonds by fund in our state, and the monthly balances of each. The report also details money raised through the sale of the bonds, and how much of that is spent on a cash basis monthly.
Monthly Bond Report The Monthly Bond Report details how much money has been raised and spent through the various types of bonds issued by the state. The report then highlights how that money has been appropriated and spent during previous and the current fiscal years.
Monthly Summary of General Funds Revenues and Expenditures These statutorily required reports provide revenue and expenditure data from the State of Illinois' four General Funds - the General Revenue Fund, Common School Special Account Fund, the Education Assistance Fund, and the Common School Fund.
Monthly Money Matters This monthly report highlights the state's current fiscal condition in an easy to read format.
Public Accountability Report The Public Accountability Report links the traditional financial reports of Illinois government to the performance and results of those state programs. This report contains data from state agencies summarizing the accomplishments and goals for the programs they administer.
Receivables Report The Receivables Report provides information derived from State agencies regarding accounts receivable and uncollectible funds. The report is a compilation and analysis of the data collected for each calendar year.
Tax Expenditures Report The Tax Expenditures Report highlights tax expenditures, or tax breaks, given to individuals, corporations or other organizations in the state. This report further analyzes tax expenditures greater than $100 million, examines growth trends for the three largest tax expenditures, compares the value of tax expenditures with receipts from major revenue sources, and highlights the differences between expenditures that primarily benefit individuals and those that assist businesses.
Traditional Budgetary Financial Report The Traditional Budgetary Financial Report details transactions and financial statements prepared on a budgetary basis for all funds that make up the state budget.
Underwriters' Participation in Credit Default Swaps Report This is a quarterly report from the Governor’s office that we are required to post on our website pursuant to P.A. 96-1554.