Fiscal Condition

The state's fiscal condition can be measured in a number of ways. Information made available by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller allows taxpayers to review a series of financial measurements. Additional information can also be found in reports compiled by the Comptroller's Office.


Search Description
Appropriation Inquiries Check out agencies' appropriation totals.
Bond Rating Find ratings that independent credit agencies have given to the State of Illinois.
Cash Balances Select a fund, and track its daily activity. Much like tracking a personal bank account, beginning and ending daily balances, and fund descriptions, may be investigated.
Defining a Balanced Budget Check out how a balanced budget is defined.
Fund Descriptions FInd detailed information about the state's active funds.
GAAP Fund Balance The state's basic operating fund, or the General Fund, finances at least a portion of the operating budgets of every major agency. A review of the history of the fund balance, measured by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, provides a good indication of the state's overall fiscal health.
Section 25 Deferred Liabilities Search liabilities incurred before the end of the fiscal year, but paid after the fiscal year ends on June 30th. The amounts still owed and carried over into the next fiscal year, specifically for Medicaid, state employee and retiree health insurance and certain spending by the Department of Public Health are listed here.

** The Section 25 Deferred Liabilities report is in a pdf format and requires Adobe Reader to view it.