Bill Backlog 4/27/2017
General funds payables backlog
The backlog includes what is currently at the Comptroller's Office and the estimated $4.9 billion with state agencies.
vouchers backlogged
Includes vouchers and transfers to other state funds.

General Funds Daily Cash Transactions

The General Funds include the General Revenue Fund and three education funds and is the state's largest and most important fund group.

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General Funds Budgetary Balance

The General Funds is a grouping of four funds within the state treasury. The funds included in this grouping are the General Revenue Fund, which acts as the state's largest operating account, and the three school funds: the Education Assistance Fund, the Common School Fund, and the Common School Special Account Fund. Reviewing this figure provides an indication of the state's fiscal health. The figures in the chart below show the gross amount of outstanding expenditures budgeted for these four funds when the fiscal year closed. A negative balance means there were more expenditures reported to the Comptroller than there were revenues to pay them. The General Funds' Budgetary Balance is used by budget officials in some of the ways they define a balanced budget.

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GENERAL REVENUE - 0001 Cash Transactions

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Bond Ratings

When debt is issued by the government, independent credit rating agencies attach a rating to the issue. The ratings attached to all bonds associated with the State of Illinois affect interest payments and the cost to Illinois taxpayers. Individual bond ratings will vary, but the general and special obligation bond ratings are directly related to financial condition of the state government.

General Obligation


negative outlook


negative outlook


negative outlook

Special Obligation




negative outlook


stable outlook

This table shows the most recent bond ratings from three credit rating bureaus for the two major State of Illinois bond programs.

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